Victor Talks Horror

The amazing Victor LaValle spoke with me about horror and genre, spirituality and the human soul, and his new novel, The Changeling. An intense book that is hard to put down, broken into sections, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” And if you think that is going to be a typical love story, you are in for a crazy ride. LaValle makes you think hard about the world around you, and peek into dark corners more closely, and ultimately, listen to those you love, for you never know when they may disappear. A haunting and fearless novel, The Changeling is one of my top reads and now LaValle is one of my favorite authors.

LaValle did an interview with me for the Ploughshares blog (which is a great place to get lost in literature). Talking to other writers is an honor and one of my favorite parts of writing. His insights deepen the reading of his work and his advice for writers is not to be missed.

Check it out here:





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