Welcome to the Writer’s Nest


The writer’s nest is something new I’m trying to connect with and support other writers and teachers of writing. I already have a blog with my favorite fiction reads, but I needed a place to talk about everything writing, not just what gets published.

Fall down a rabbit hole into some of my favorite interviews with authors below, discover why Elizabeth Gilbert is always next to me while I write, and keep checking back for more writerly goodness, every Thursday!

Forbidden Love: Love between an Israeli woman and Palestinian man who meet in New York takes them places they never imagined. New York Times bestselling Dorit Rabinyan pulls readers into a love story they will not soon forget.

The past never sleeps for detectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty as they unravel a knot of world history, revenge, and genocide when a man is found dead outside a mansion in Canada. Ausma Zehanat Khan keeps readers guessing, and when all finally comes to light, a new mystery is on the horizon. Binge-worthy mystery starting a series!

It Looks Like…high school romance, but nothing is simple and falling in love is losing and gaining everything in Rafi Mittlefehldt’s amazing debut.

Appalachia noir made beautiful amongst the pain. David Joy dips into rural America in a mystery that will compel you to turn pages, change you entirely, and make you grateful he has another book waiting once you close the covers.

But that’s not all, Gae Polisner,  Jennifer Mathieu, Crystal Allen, and Beth Kephart spill on their young adult and middle grade novels. Settle in, it’s reading time!


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