Get Unstuck

The Writer’s nest has to start with the book that kept me going last year when the election brought to light things that have been hidden for far too long. It was so easy to just slip into despondency. Luckily for me, I had a mentor at the time. Thanks to the amazing Austin chapter of SCBWI (for kidlit writers) I won a year-long mentorship in honor of the amazing Cynthia Leitich Smith, author, writer advocate, and educator. My mentor for the year was Liz Garton Scanlon who is not just a writer of award-winning children’s books and poetry (she has a Caldecott medal!) she is one of the amazing writers who also makes sure other people keep writing.

Scanlon told me to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. And I did. Every day I read a small section. And every day it pushed me to get back to the paper, back to the computer, back to work. Gilbert doesn’t pull any punches, from reminding writers that every job it’s struggles (or “sh&t sandwiches” as she says), to encouraging you to make time for the muse like you would a loved one, each section was just what I needed.

And there’s more! When you’re done, or in the middle, or driving, check out the Magic Lessons Podcasts. Crazy-encouraging talks with experts in the field and everyday people struggling to live their best creative lives, bolstered and centered by Gilbert and sent on their way to change the world with art. (And you even get to check in on some of the people she works with to see how they are doing, you know you’re wondering…)

Check her out. Get to work. Happy Writing!

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